This tool is an extension for Google Chrome which allows you to save a backup copy of much of the content of your SmugMug site to your computer. If you accidentally delete a page on your site, you can recreate it by reading the information you had earlier saved in a backup!
There is no automatic restore facility—you must manually recreate your deleted content by copying and pasting from the backup viewer into SmugMug.
This tool focuses on backing up the stuff that takes the longest time to create, but can be easily copied and pasted, such as:
  • Contents of text, HTML and CSS blocks
  • Gallery descriptions
  • Theme CSS
Not all of your site content is backed up! Some of the things that are not backed up include:
  • Site designs and themes that aren't currently being used
  • Edits that have not been published yet
  • Any photo or image files
  • Photo keywords, captions or titles (use Lightroom to sync this information)


This feature is provided by the "Unofficial SmugMug extension for Chrome". You must be using the Google Chrome web browser to use this extension. To install the extension, click the button below:


Visit your SmugMug site and log in. You should see the extension's "SM" icon on the right side of your browser's address bar. Click on that icon and a menu will appear:
Choose the option to create a backup of your site. A page will appear which leads you through the process of creating a backup. Once the backup is complete, the content of the backup will be displayed in the viewer at the bottom. Browse around the backup to confirm that all the information you wanted to save is present.
Don't forget to click the "save backup to disk" button to save the backup to your computer!


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